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LinkedGuerilla is a low-cost,

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Pick your prospects with all of the power of LinkedIn: the world's premier B2B database. Read on to find just how specific we can get!

14 Invites/Day

Our team will send the LI's maximum number of invites daily. This is about 3x as effective as 14 cold calls a day.


Send new connections detailed value propositions, longer introductions, or a link into your sales funnel. New connections gained are able to remarketed to without limits!

Endorsement Exposure

We'll endorse prospects' skills, like their posts, and follow them for additional exposure and to build reciprocity. This sends an unobtrusive notification to them, prompting action.


We do all the work, using your exact messaging. You simply check your messages and watch opportunities pour in.

Maximal, Optimized, Legal

Unlike some competitors, we have pushed the limits to research this service. We do as much as is possible without LinkedIn penalizing for overactivity.

How it works

Find Prospects

Identify new prospects using the full power of LinkedIn's database. Note the available filters and imagine how these could be used to find your ideal clients.

Write Messaging

Your LinkedIn is your personal brand plus your company brand. It needs to be in your voice. We don't squabble over messaging: we have you submit the exact wording we'll use.


We need to talk. After all, if we're going to be managing your LinkedIn account, we should be in touch.

Follow Up

Once we're set up, you can expect about 14 invites per day as well as various follow ups and endorsements for new connections. This means that you'll be getting new messages every day. Not all prospects will be meaningfully engaged or even interested, but when you land a new lead you'll want to respond as quickly as possible.

What's the cost?

This is a intro service for Thrice.Agency.
We don’t want to get rich off of you, just to meet you.
That’s why it’s a simple flat fee based on your use.
Most people get a cost-per-appointment around $70/appt.



400 invites/mo



Everything from Basic, Plus:



Everything from Advanced, Plus:

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How many appointments do you want each month?

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Appointments Method Setup Cost Recurring Cost
Linked Guerilla None
↪ScoreApp $400 None
↪AI Messaging None
Cold Email
↪ScoreApp (incl. above) None

We do the best we can to provide accurate estimates (unlike our competitors). You’ll need to contact sales for a proper quote that we can abide by. At high volumes of emails, for example, we may be able to provide bulk discounts.

What do our clients say?

What do our clients say?

A Powerful Network. My business runs on social media, mainly Instagram. Being B2C and targeting hobbyists, I didnt expect to close many sales via LinkedIn.
To the contrary, I reliably close enough sales with LinkedGuerilla to pay for itself. More importantly for me, I grow my network by at least 500 connections per month. I retarget all of these folks with cross-posting and close an additional $2000 per month.

Boutique US Manufacturer

Not so many fish in the sea I needed the impossible: aquaria managers at companies with more than 200 employees in cities included in my sales region. This was so niche, I had resigned myself to cold-calling which was, of course, wildly ineffective. inkedGuerilla, as Jeremy told me, was perfect for targeting this precise audience. We managed to cover every possible prospect for my business within three months, with great results: 900 targeted connections, 4 sales. I’m now moving to the next level to use LinkedGuerilla to retarget those who passed me by the first time, anticipating even better results.

Not so many fish in the sea

Better than ads. While I had experimented with advertising, both AdWords and LinkedIn teased me with supposed clicks and conversion. I spoke with a consultant who showed me that 90% were an utter waste, click fraud, but only after I was $8000 in the hole. I was skeptical of LinkedGuerilla because of the price. How could this have the same reach as $5000 in LinkedIn ads? Obviously, LinkedGuerilla was fundamentally different. The “organic” component of it saw better returns, even for the same reach. But rather than forfeiting control to an agency, I got to run my messaging just like I did my advertising. The result is that I’ve multiplied my results from LinkedIn. Using my salesmen’s accounts, I currently run six premium campaigns that yield about 9 sales per month, $12K in first-month revenue and a much more significant LTV.

CEO, Sales Certification Program

High-Priced SaaSI’m selling $6,000+/mo SaaS to enterprise businesses. In the past we’ve used AdWords to buy expensive PPC for “best CRM”, “best ERP”, etc. At $16/click with 85% click fraud, I was used to spending my entire first month’s revenue on ads.I wanted to investigate LinkedIn since I could appeal to COOs who aren’t yet looking to replace their old software. When I came across LinkedGuerilla, it was clearly the cheapest option on the market (much cheaper than hiring my own LinkedIn marketer).Within two weeks, we closed the first sale. At this price, I’d be happy to pay for a whole year for just one sale: it’s much better than I was doing on AdWords. Now I’m getting a reliable sale every month from LinkedGuerilla and Jeremy and I are setting up two more campaigns.

SaaS Salesman

Selling to non-profits. I offer a SaaS solution for nonprofits to improve donor relations, retention, and revenue. It’s affordable and, while my margins are high, I’ll need to sell about 700 subscriptions in the first quarter to break even. Without any current channels and a website without traffic, I approached LinkedGuerilla. After two months, I’m getting anywhere from 2-6 sales per week. I’m told these results are exceptional (thus why I’m writing this review), though I think my product is a no-brainer. This won’t be the only channel I can use to meet my goal, though I’m definitely putting my whole staff on this program to maximize the results. With 4 accounts I’m anticipating about 60 accounts per month, a big step in the right direction.

Founder, SaaS for Non-Profit

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LinkedGuerilla provides LinkedIn management and marketing to accomplish your business goals. Rather than speaking for you, we optimize your rate of invitation, messages, and endorsements to warm up prospects and produce new leads.