I'm Jeremy Evans.

Boulder, CO
(704) 966 - 9026

When it comes to marketing, I have to make you much more money than you'll pay me. That's my whole industry, in a sentence.

I've been making small businesses money for the past ten years. I'm a jack of all [marketing] trades and master of one: guerilla marketing.

While I'm certainly not limited to small to medium businesses, I've operated in this hyper-lean space where every dollar of the marketing budget counts. And I've done everything I can to mitigate risk and costs, one path toward a certain return on investment.

LinkedGuerilla is one such guerilla campaign: the lowest cost you'll ever see in B2B marketing, the highest possible return.

Since LinkedIn is the only place to go to target people by job titles, they've got a bit of a monopoly. Accordingly, they have extraordinarily high ad prices that block out most of the B2B market. Conventionally, you need to have a minimum $15K lifetime value per client to make money with LinkedIn Ads.

Yet, LinkedIn has another side. The organic use of LinkedIn entails browsing, perusing prospects, messaging, and reading the feed. To a marketer, all of those activities amount to just one thing: viewing ads.

Since LinkedIn wants more people to view their pricy ads, I realized that we might tap into the organic end of LinkedIn to get a more cost-effective kind of LinkedIn campaign.

That's LinkedGuerilla. I've identified the best mechanisms for engaging prospects: connection invites, a value prop message, and endorsements. After months of A/B testing, this method prevailed as the most effective method of organic LinkedIn marketing.

Now with a strong team and 100+ campaigns under our belts, I've got a pretty good idea of how to sell on LinkedIn. I have outstanding stories of success, making tens of thousands of dollars within a week for some clients, all for a mere flat rate.

My clients couldn't be happier and I sleep well at night. This service is not one-size-fits-all (there's no such thing in marketing), but it's pretty damn close. At this rate and this return, it's a winner for everyone.

It's nice to virtually meet, but why not have a call? I can't promise we'll have time to talk about the weather, but we can certainly figure out if we're going to make some money.