Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn Automation software which accomplishes many of the same things as LinkedGuerilla. It will help you find prospects, invite with messages, followup with new connections, and endorse prospects.

While Dux-Soup sounds delicious, it comes with the telltale risks of automation software. Namely, LinkedIn prohibits all automation on their platform and a profile ban is just as close as they’re able to detect it. Since it is merely software, it cannot read through the warnings or see the signs that your account is close to being banned.

Since the appeal of Dux-Soup is the same as LinkedGuerilla, specifically tons of targeted leads, it still has many businesses taking the risk.

Dux-Soup Costs

Let’s look at the pricing:

DuxSoup Pricing

Free sounds great! Yet, if you need help setting up the instance of Dux-Soup (it’s a software that’ll need to run as a local server on one of your machines 24/7) there’re some additional fees:

DuxSoup Support

Okay, maybe it’ll take about $80, but then I’m set up for life. Yes, but mainly no. The free price only covers “auto-visits” to profiles, meaning that unless the user you’re visiting has a form of LinkedIn Premium and follows-up with anyone who visits their profile… there won’t be much of an effect.

At the $15/mo level you’re now able to invite users and perform the other essential functions, but you’re even more on your own. By Dux-Soup’s own admission, their software can get your account banned without warning:

It goes without saying that LinkedIn themselves have come out with their own warnings, including this notable mention:

Getting the most out of LinkedIn while avoiding the automation police can be daunting. It’s one thing to check LinkedIn messages everyday, another to carefully monitor your warnings, acceptance rates, and other warning signs that you’re about to lose your entire network. This additional time expenditure might be advantageous for shoestring businesses, but the vast majority of business owners will not benefit from working themselves using social media management software at a rate below minimum wage. This is the real cost of using automation like Dux-Soup, even if you do not have issues with account restrictions.

To meet this gap, Dux-Soup management companies have stepped in. Services like take on the high-liability of using automation as well as the technical complications of running a server. To date, their prices have been competitive:

Cleverlyco Pricing

The prospect count is rather low, even compared to the LinkedGuerilla Basic plan. This is likely due to limitations of the software of the need for added caution due to the use of automation.

Why LinkedGuerilla is Different

We’re the first to adopt our model, which accomplishes feats comparable or beyond that of automation without using ToS-prohibited software. Forgive a little trade-secrecy while we maintain our early-mover advantage, but rest assured that we’re not as vulnerable to the normal oscillations of LinkedIn as it wages war with the automators.

We use real people to send our messages and endorsements. We do not dabble with speaking for you (like some agencies might), using only your words to communicate with your prospects. In a sense, we take the best parts of a full-suite social media management agency and automation:

  • None of the liability of automation
  • Low-price comparable to automation, not the big-ticket social media marketing agencies
  • No assumptions: your words and your words only through your account
  • Better value than either automation or full-scale management
  • Guidance for improved business outcomes, not just software

Curious? Give us a try. It’s a competitive landscape to get those juicy LinkedIn leads, but we can do much better.

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