Your positioning statement is the foundation of all marketing efforts. Being one of our “four P’s”, this is one to formulate and have on hand at all time. It also doubles for the more recently popular “30-second elevator pitch”.

Fortunately, the positioning statement is so formulaic that there’s no doubt that AI will be propositioning banks in short order. Just fill in the blanks:

Positioning Statement Template

For target_audience who need _your_offering_ , your_company provides differentiating_benefits because of the_market_gap_your_differentiating_benefit_fulfills .

Here’s an example for our mother company, Better Better Better:

For medium-to-large business owners who need better account/client retention , Better Better Better provides rebranding services because of the lack of data-driven moral branding consultants .

While Better Better Better is a full-service agency, this positioning statement forces me to narrow my presentation down to the most significant features of the company to someone viewing it from the outside. This is, in fact, the utility of the positioning statement.

What if we want to narrow it down even more? Every marketing campaign deserves a positioning statement. Now let’s see what it looks like for LinkedGuerilla:

For businesses with B2B needs who need to generate leads , LinkedGuerilla provides affordable LinkedIn Management because of lack of non-automated solutions which operate at full capacity .

This positioning statement is one of the first things you want to have in mind when you talk to a marketer. It’s worth writing this down from time to time, just to remind yourself how people should see your business. Writing a new positioning statement every quarter or so can also give you some introspective insight into how your business is evolving over time.

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