Your Positioning Statement

Your positioning statement is the foundation of all marketing efforts. Being one of our “four P’s”, this is one to formulate and have on hand at all time. It also doubles for the more recently popular “30-second elevator pitch”. Fortunately, the positioning statement is so formulaic that there’s no doubt that AI will be propositioning […]

LinkedIn Message Character Limit

Invitation Messages have a 295 character limit. Learn how to write the perfect LinkedIn introduction here. All other LinkedIn messages are limited to 10,000 characters. This includes LinkedGuerilla follow-up messages. If you’re getting anywhere near this limit, you’re doing something wrong.

The Best LinkedIn Connect Message

Should I get a foot in the door? Rely on second-connections? Perhaps I should go soft. Maybe if I just invite without a message at all, I’d gather more leads in my net. Really, just what is the best LinkedIn connect message? The answer depends on your goals. We’ll cover the myriad possibilities below, discussing […]