Prospecting Using Sales Navigator

Trying to find your best client on LinkedIn? We’ve done that, thousands of times. Let’s take a moment to review the need-to-know of prospecting on LinkedIn with Sales Navigator. Most Common Filters First, who qualifies for your service? Most commonly these prospects include the following filters: Location (E.g., US only) Job Title (E.g., General Managers) […]

How to Remove “…is now a connection.” Messages in LinkedIn

There are few things more annoying than checking through hundreds of “So and So is now a connection” messages in LinkedIn for the handful of genuine responses. Let’s clean this up. First, we’re going to inject a bit of JavaScript into your browser via DevTools. For Chrome, just right-click anywhere and hit “Inspect Element”. From […]

How to See Followers on LinkedIn

Use this link: You must be logged in to use the link. Nota Bene, this is a list of “Followers”, not connections. You can view connections at the following link:

LinkedIn Keeps Logging Me Out

These are the most common problems: Using a VPN or proxy Cookies are causing redirects LinkedIn is not trusted by the browser Date and time are mismatched between your computer and LinkedIn Here are the best solutions: VPN/Proxies: You can test for this problem by disabling the proxy/VPN. Try using different proxies. This happens when […]

LinkedIn Message Character Limit

Invitation Messages have a 295 character limit. Learn how to write the perfect LinkedIn introduction here. All other LinkedIn messages are limited to 10,000 characters. This includes LinkedGuerilla follow-up messages. If you’re getting anywhere near this limit, you’re doing something wrong.

Managing Multiple LinkedIn Profiles without Logging Out

It can be a real challenge managing multiple LinkedIn profiles without opening a different browser, incognito windows, or logging in and out. Fortunately, there is an easier way. Using Chrome, use a different profile for each LinkedIn account. You’ll log in once and then maintain separate windows with different accounts, allowing you to check between […]