Prospecting Using Sales Navigator

Trying to find your best client on LinkedIn? We’ve done that, thousands of times. Let’s take a moment to review the need-to-know of prospecting on LinkedIn with Sales Navigator. Most Common Filters First, who qualifies for your service? Most commonly these prospects include the following filters: Location (E.g., US only) Job Title (E.g., General Managers) […]

Your Positioning Statement

Your positioning statement is the foundation of all marketing efforts. Being one of our “four P’s”, this is one to formulate and have on hand at all time. It also doubles for the more recently popular “30-second elevator pitch”. Fortunately, the positioning statement is so formulaic that there’s no doubt that AI will be propositioning […]

The Best LinkedIn Connect Message

Should I get a foot in the door? Rely on second-connections? Perhaps I should go soft. Maybe if I just invite without a message at all, I’d gather more leads in my net. Really, just what is the best LinkedIn connect message? The answer depends on your goals. We’ll cover the myriad possibilities below, discussing […]

Managing Multiple LinkedIn Profiles without Logging Out

It can be a real challenge managing multiple LinkedIn profiles without opening a different browser, incognito windows, or logging in and out. Fortunately, there is an easier way. Using Chrome, use a different profile for each LinkedIn account. You’ll log in once and then maintain separate windows with different accounts, allowing you to check between […]