Prospecting Using Sales Navigator

Trying to find your best client on LinkedIn? We’ve done that, thousands of times. Let’s take a moment to review the need-to-know of prospecting on LinkedIn with Sales Navigator. Most Common Filters First, who qualifies for your service? Most commonly these prospects include the following filters: Location (E.g., US only) Job Title (E.g., General Managers) […]

All LinkedIn Industries 2022

Curious about which industries are represented on LinkedIn? Here’s a current list of all Linked Industries in 2022. There are caveats and specifics at the end of this list. Get ready to scroll and check out commentary because we have years of experience using Industry as a query for LinkedIn prospecting. Accounting Airlines/Aviation Alternative Dispute […]

How to Remove “…is now a connection.” Messages in LinkedIn

There are few things more annoying than checking through hundreds of “So and So is now a connection” messages in LinkedIn for the handful of genuine responses. Let’s clean this up. First, we’re going to inject a bit of JavaScript into your browser via DevTools. For Chrome, just right-click anywhere and hit “Inspect Element”. From […]


Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn Automation software which accomplishes many of the same things as LinkedGuerilla. It will help you find prospects, invite with messages, followup with new connections, and endorse prospects. While Dux-Soup sounds delicious, it comes with the telltale risks of automation software. Namely, LinkedIn prohibits all automation on their platform and a profile […]

The Best LinkedIn Connect Message

Should I get a foot in the door? Rely on second-connections? Perhaps I should go soft. Maybe if I just invite without a message at all, I’d gather more leads in my net. Really, just what is the best LinkedIn connect message? The answer depends on your goals. We’ll cover the myriad possibilities below, discussing […]